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Senate and House of Assembly (Remuneration and Allowances of Members) Order, 2016

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History of this Resolution

Current Stage Passed
House of Assembly
Notice Date: 03/05/2016
First reading: 24/01/2017
Second Reading: 24/01/2017
Committee stage: 24/01/2017
Report stage: 24/01/2017
Consideration of amendments: 24/01/2017
Passed Date: 24/01/2017
The Senate
Notice Date: 25/01/2017
First reading: 25/01/2017
Second reading: 25/01/2017
Committee stage Date: 25/01/2017
Report stage Date: 25/01/2017
Consideration of amendments: 25/01/2017
Passed Date: 25/01/2017

No amendments were found.

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