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“Worth a quick look around”
 Reviewed 3 December 2014
Although small it's only 10 Barbadian dollars and gives a good history of the island's political history. It only takes half an hour and the cool rooms were a welcome break from the mid-day sun!
allison b
Bridgetown, Barbados
“old building”
 Reviewed 2 December 2014
this is a old building over 300 years old which holds the history of barbados in the walls and it is also for political issue which i try not to get into but this building have gothic architecture for those who like architecture and then it is right in the middle of town
“Cool Looking Buildings”
Reviewed 21 September 2014
Really cool looking buildings. Did not go inside or take a tour or anything but it was Interesting to look around at
“worth a visit”
 Reviewed 10 September 2014 via mobile
The museum tour based around their heroes is well worth a visit for a history of Barbados and the people that shaped it. Nicely laid out and a cool respite from the heat, it has a mix of av presentations and display boards that will keep most entertained.
Port of Spain, Trinidad
“Mini London”
 Reviewed 2 September 2014
Having visit England and staying in London, I can see the miniature versions of some of the buildings, they even have a miniature Big Ben and the Parliament 
Paul B
Chatham, United Kingdom
 Reviewed 5 May 2014
What a lovely building and clearly well maintained. Beautiful building and clear to see the British Influence. The building clearly shows the heritage of the building influence and is so clean and well kept, worth a look at.
Birmingham, Alabama
Amex Traveller
“Beautiful Views”
 Reviewed 26 March 2014 via mobile
These Parliament Buildings are so beautiful as you view them while walking around the city. No time for an inside visit, but just seeing them as part of this lovely city is a treat.
Top Contributor
“Democracy in action”
 Reviewed 31 January 2014
Go round the museum which is based on ten 'Heroes' which gives you an insight into the history of Barbados, try and catch the tour of the parliament buildings which takes you into the two chambers.
Tanya K
Farnham, England, United Kingdom
Senior Contributor
“Interesting history”
 Reviewed 24 January 2014
These beautiful buildings contain an interesting collection of political and historical facts about Barbados. These were well laid out, looked modern and we were the only people there! Takes about 1 hour to complete and only cost US$5 pp. Worth a visit if you are in the Capital.
“Good to find out history of the island”
Reviewed 7 January 2014
There is a very informative display in the old parliament building of the history not just of government in Barbados, but of many other aspects of the island's history. It always gives a trip more meaning to know about its history, so this is really well worth a visit for minimal entry fee.
Cold Spring, NJ
“Barbadans can be proud”
 Reviewed 4 December 2013
We were drawn to these buildings as we walked downtown Bridgetown thinking that the towers must be part of the Cathedral. From a distance they appeared to be church steeples, and even close up, we were puzzled until a Barbadan enlightened us (we entered from the rear street) . Among other church-like features the building had stained glass windows. We...More   
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Ontario, Canada
Top Contributor
“Interesting for most people”
Reviewed 1 December 2013
These impressive buildings are near the waterfront in Bridgetown. They look even better in person than in photos. They are stately without being stuffy. The main building with its clock tower is the site of Barbados' Parliament. You can observe if you are properly dressed. There are lots of good shots outside for people with cameras. The second building houses...More   
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Grangemouth, Scotland
“Interesting Museum”
Reviewed 25 November 2013
This museum which is situated in the attractive adjoining building to the Parliament beside National Heroes Square provides a brief but interesting look into the history of Barbados from the slavery/plantation days to Independence and beyond. There is a section to the rear of the museum which is dedicated to the National Heroes of Barbados which gives brief insights into....