The Museum


The Museum of Parliament and The National Heroes Gallery 

The Museum of Parliament traces the development of democracy in Barbados since 1629 until present times and the role that the island’s people have played in this growth. This information is housed in the historic West Wing of Parliament which offers a combination of traditional exhibits, artistic impression and modern interactive museum experience.

Treasure the memories of your visit.  Unique memorabilia reflecting the themes of the gallery and museum are available in the Gift Shop at reception.  Discover the history that has laid the foundation for the Barbados that we are so proud of today.


The National Heroes Gallery 

How does a community develop its values about its heritage?  How does it decide what to value from its past? How does one decide what quantum of these values to pass on to our future generations?  In order to identify the qualities that express the finest elements in the national character of its people, and to provide role models for future generations, a nation needs heroes.  In 1998, Barbados chose ten National Heroes. These are people whose lives have demonstrated a commitment to democracy, faith and freedom, social justice and excellence.

National Heroes are styled by "The Right Excellent."

The ten National Heroes are: 

The Right Excellent Bussa (Born in Africa and killed during an 1816 slave uprising fighting for his freedom in Barbados.)

The Right Excellent Sarah Ann Gill (1795–1866)

The Right Excellent Samuel Jackman Prescod (1806–1871)

The Right Excellent Dr. Charles Duncan O'Neal (1879–1936)

The Right Excellent Clement Osbourne Payne (1904–1941)

The Right Excellent Sir Grantley Herbert Adams (1898–1971)

The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow (1920–1987)

The Right Excellent Sir Hugh Worrell Springer (1913–1994)

The Right Excellent Sir Frank Leslie Walcott (1916–1998) 

The Right Excellent Sir Garfield St. Auburn Sobers (1936– )

The interactive screens strategically positioned give clear explanations to the dramatic evocative sculptures, created by Barbadian and Caribbean artists.  These icons no doubt give imaginative expression to the qualities, contribution and circumstances of the life of each hero.