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Bills & Resolutions


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Title Stage Notice given
Lease to CDEMA at Lower Estate, St. Michael 06/04/2013
Guarantee Barbados Agricultural Management Company Passed 06/06/2014
Lease to BAMC Limited Groves Plantation, St George Passed 25/03/2014
Vesting in NHC Land at Walkers, St. Andrew Passed 01/04/2014
Vesting in NHC land at Flat Rock, St. George Passed 01/04/2014
Treasury Bills and Tax Certificates Passed 12/05/2014
Compulsory Acquisition of Land and Buildings Sam Lords Castle Passed 29/07/2014
Land Acquisition - Sturges and Welchman Hall, St Thomas Passed 12/08/2014
Vesting in BADMC of Crown Land at Lower Estate, St. Michael 26/08/2014
Land Sale - Former Public Bath at Haynes Hill, St. John Passed 12/08/2014
Borrowing from Republic Bank of $35.0 million Passed 24/09/2014
Vesting in NHC of Crown Lands at Leadvale, Christ Church Passed 29/10/2014
Supplementary Estimates No. 1 2014-2015 Passed 04/11/2014
Borrowing from First Citizens Bank Limited of $25.0 million Passed 17/11/2014
Supplementary Estimates No.2 2014-2015 Passed 13/01/2015
Vesting in NHC Crown land at Rosemont, St. Michael Passed 13/01/2015
Supplementary Estimates No.3 2014-2015 Passed 19/01/2015
Supplementary Estimates No.4 2014-2015 Passed 19/01/2015
Vesting in Crown Lands at Bay Street, St. Michael Passed 06/03/2015
Supplementary Estimates No.5 2014-2015 Passed 06/03/2015
Supplementary Estimates No.6 2014-2015 Passed 06/03/2015
Government of Barbados and Citibank US $67.9 million for BWA Passed 09/03/2015
Supplementary Estimates No.7 2014-2015 Passed 13/03/2015
Supplementary Estimates No.8 2014-2015 Passed 20/03/2015
Supplementary Estimates No.9 2014-2015 Passed 20/03/2015
Supplementary Estimates No.10 2014-2015 Passed 20/03/2015
Lease to Barbados Port Inc., Land at Trevor Way, Bridgetown 04/05/2015
Lease to the Rotary Club of Barbados Land at Garfield Sobers Complex Passed 09/06/2015
Lease to the National Insurance Board land at Cane Garden, St. Thomas Passed 01/06/2015
Resolution Regarding the Commemoration of the day of National Significance July 26 Passed 17/07/2015