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Bills & Resolutions


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Title Stage Notice given
Resolution to extend the public health emergency Passed 19/04/2022
Resolution Re: Standing Orders Committee Passed 19/04/2022
Resolution to rescind the designated Account Code 316 Passed 29/03/2022
Resolved that Parliament approve new code Passed 29/03/2022
Resolution re concurrence of the House of Assembly on the amendments Debt Settlement (Arrears) Bill, 2021 & Customs Bill, 2021 Passed 14/12/2021
Resolution re Extension of the State of Emergency Passed 19/10/2021
Emergency Health Management Act, Extension (2021-04-22) Passed 22/04/2021
Resolution re House of Assembly to allow for the Examination of the Estimates to be made from the Committee Room of Parliament - 2021-03-05 Passed 09/03/2021
Resolution re Lease to the Duke of Edinburghs International Award Barbados Charity Passed 08/12/2020
Resolution re Emergency Health Management Extension to 27th March 2021 (2020-10-23) Passed 23/10/2020
Private Members Resolution re E G. Hinkson that the House adopt the Throne Speech Passed 15/09/2020
Resolution re Emergency Health Management (2020-07-28) Passed 28/07/2020
Resolution re Public Service (Teachers) (Amendment) Order, 2020 Passed 17/07/2020
Resolution re Public Service (General) Order, 2020 Passed 17/07/2020
Private Members Resolution re Black Lives Matter Passed 16/06/2020
Resolution re Emergencey Health Managment 2020-07-17 Passed 23/06/2020
Resolution re Public Health Emergency Passed 24/04/2020
Resolution - British American Insurance Company (Barbados) Ltd Passed 03/03/2020
Resolution re QEH Board, Martindales Road, Saint Michael Passed 05/02/2020
Report of the Joint Select Committee on the Integrity in Public Life Bill, 2018 Passed 18/12/2019
Resolution re Special Loans (Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited) up to BBD $ 26.3 mllion re overdraft Passed 28/08/2019
Resolution re vesting of 7328.3 square meters of land in Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. Passed 23/07/2019
Resolution re National Cruise Development Commission Report Passed 18/06/2019
Resolution re Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Order, 2019 Passed 09/04/2019
Resolution re Government issue to Sagicor Life Inc. Passed 25/03/2019
Resolution Re: House accept and adopt the Report of the Public Accounts Committee Passed 20/11/2018
Resolution to seek the concurrence of the Honourable the House of Assembly Passed 26/10/2018
A Resolution to take note of the Green Paper on Planning Law Reform 07/08/2018
Supplementary Estimates No. 15 2017-2018 $4 040 00 Passed 16/02/2018
Resolution re issuing of bonds of British American to Sagicor Life Passed 09/02/2018